Monday, May 20, 2013

Senior Exhibition Space

Here's a few pictures from my Senior Exhibition space at Milwaukee Institute of Art & Design in May of 2013. Included are drawings, figure drawings, interactive pieces, and video.

Ink, gesso on paper
Here's a link to the animation
ink, gesso on paper
graphite on paper
This an interactive podium with a live feed screen connected to a camera inside the podium. The orange triangle contains ink under a layer of thin plastic creating an interactive surface the viewer could place there finger upon and move the ink inside. In the next image you will see what it looks like as it is fed to the screen.
The camera was so close behind the orange triangle that when you touched it you could see your finger print on the screen through the inky texture. I wanted to offer that macro look that is so prevalent in my videos, but I also wanted to make it interactive. I wanted to bring viewers into the creation of my work. It was sort of an attempt at a behind the scenes or making of for my videos. It was a way for me to show how my videos are made instead of just telling how they were made.
 Here are all of my figure drawings I chose to show.
 And below that is another interactive piece. A shelf made of two pieces of thin plexi-glass with ink in between them. Sort of like a giant slide you would observe under a microscope. Lights underneath the shelf illuminated the surface and created a cosmic aesthetic relative to the night sky. One could walk up to the shelf and press their finger into the surface causing the ink inside to explode into life and create all sorts of interesting shapes and textures. I could see this being installed in a place like a bar or lounge where people wouldn't realize it is interactive until pressure is applied by an object or resting an elbow on the surface.