Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Spontaneous Combustion!

Little characters I made a couple years ago. He might remind you of the minions from Despicable Me which came out shortly after I finished this.( Hollywood is always stealing ideas.) Anyways the little scientist guy is having a little trouble with some spontaneous combustion. Enjoy!

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Heavy Explosives

Here's a little animation I did last year. It was supposed to be just an effect test, but knowing me I took it a little too far. But I had fun and I really like the smoke in this one. Makes me think of old Mike Judge and Bill Plympton. Anyways enjoy the .gif and if you know anyone looking to hire a good effects animator send 'em my way. haha....

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Other blog

Hey Guys, just made a new tumblr. It's basically the same thing, but on tumblr. Follow me! Tumblr

I think it's about time I share these

I feel like I haven't made anything in a while so I thought I'd share a couple photos from earlier in the year. These were made with plexi and ink on a light table and photographed with a macro lens. Some of these were photos I used for my postcards during the Senior Exhibition show at MIAD. I'm working on my demo reel so I'll have that done soon hopefully. I'm coloring a lot of old animation frames so it's pretty time consuming, so I'll give you these while you impatiently wait for me to release new content. (yeah right)